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Big Tree Removal In A Tight Space

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It takes a lifetime to learn the art and technique of big tree removal. We are a tree removal service based in Yuba City, CA. As certified arborists, we have been removing trees of all sizes for many years. Big tree removal (especially in tight spaces like this one pictured above) is our specialty.

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In many big tree removal situations like this one, the small space won’t accommodate large equipment. Because of this we rely on our experienced climbers and groundsmen to handle the job. Our arborists have years of experience using large equipment. Yet, we often must remove big trees in tight situations. So, safety of property and persons is mission critical. Therefore, as the tree industry has changed over the years, we have changed with it. We use the latest rigging and equipment techniques. Our team prides itself on staying current and using the latest training and safety standards. [Click here for more on A&E Arborists Tree Care]

In this situation, the nearness of the house and the surrounding landscape allows only a small working space. We are trying to protect the house and the trees below. Therefore, our trained climbers and groundsmen rope the material down. In doing so, we use both ’speed line’ rigging techniques and directional falling to accomplish the mission.

In the video below you can see that two of our climbers have moved into position in two large trees. The crew is in place on the the ground. One climber is at 90 feet. He is poised to take the top off this large pine. The tree died due to beadle infestation. The second climber is at 120’ preparing to top another even larger, dead pine. The ground crew is prepared with the rope to help guide the tree top into the small space available. We launched the plan once everyone was ready. Having spent time previously in some careful planning we moved forward with the project. Coupling good communication with both the crew and the home owners helped us be successful. We executed the plan and performed the big tree removal.

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