Why Tree Trimming?

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Trees enrich our lives. They make our properties beautiful and increase value. But, they can also become a hazard. So, tree owners must take seriously the responsibility of proper tree pruning and care. Since that is true, it is important to create a good tree care plan. The best plans include regular pruning and trimming. This is critical for the …

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Big Trees And Big Risks

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Everyone enjoys the beauty of a big tree. However, if you live nearby you should consider the risks and create a plan to help prevent harm to people and property. Clearly, when large trees are away from structures, walkways and people they don’t pose a significant of risk. We freely enjoy their majesty from a safe distance. However, the risk …

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Big Tree Removal In A Tight Space

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It takes a lifetime to learn the art and technique of big tree removal. We are a tree removal service based in Yuba City, CA. As certified arborists, we have been removing trees of all sizes for many years. Big tree removal (especially in tight spaces like this one pictured above) is our specialty. [For more on our tree services …